The Tenth Step in the Press

 BIG LIFE MAGAZINE – Ryan Waterfield

“Because Moffatt has spent his working life leading adventure trips around the world, he set out with a vision to confront the impact that adventure travel has had on the wild, spiritual, and fantastic places that he loves the most.”

“ON FILM” KTEP, NPR – Charles Horak

“The film is a superb documentary about the region that also serves as an engrossing memoir of a life lived on the edge and a journey to face ones addictions and fears.”

MEN’S JOURNAL – Jayme Moye

“Moffat began the trip with a solo kayaking expedition along the length of the Tsrap Chu river, a whitewater behemoth in one of the most remote regions of the Tibetan Plateau that he has never before navigated.”

MEN’S JOURNAL – Gerry Moffatt with Pia Saengswang

“I’ve been guiding expeditions and filming television and feature documentaries in the Himalayas for decades, descending every river in Nepal and summiting Everest twice. But this trip was different.”

MEN’S JOURNAL – Jayme Moye

“The film will share the region’s fascinating history and geography though colorful vignettes following Moffatt’s adventures, and ask the hard questions about the future of the region in the face of modern development and environmental changes.”