Gerry Moffatt

17 September 2018


THE ELEVENTH STEP Film Expedition: Take The Long Way Home

Winding up away from the buzz of tuk tuks and taxis, beeping horns, the smell of diesel and gasoline, cooking and garbage, barking dogs, and the hum of humanity.  I’m fighting a jumbly belly, a bit of a cold, and some acclimatization but our film shoot has been incredible so far.

Ahead of me stretch miles and days of impossible, improbable road. The road is so bumpy I think my teeth will fall out….and my car exhaust eventually does.

Dust in my mouth. Sheer cliff faces only feet away from my wheel. 16,000 foot passes. Cold nights.  Sliding rocks. Flat tires. Delays. Driving. And more driving.

I know that every difficult day brings me closer to my goal.  Suspended at 14,000 feet, between sand and sky, a river is waiting for me.  Soon I’ll leave the jeep behind.  Soon I’ll be paddling turquoise whitewater alone between narrow canyon walls, passing wind-swept forgotten chortens, and camping on quiet gravel beaches beneath star-filled skies.  I’ll be self-supporting for a week, on a magic carpet at the roof of the world.

As my truck lumbers slowly over potholes and craters, up up up and over another high Himalayan pass, I’m grateful for every bone-jarring uncomfortable moment.


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